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Paul Revere’s Bakery

Remember that bakery I wrote about in a previous post? The one in Boston’s North End (that doesn’t sound right)? It is called Bova’s. Click the link to find out more about it:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Revere picked up a loaf of bread here prior to making his famous midnight ride. The bakery is a delightful stop for anyone walking (or warning of a British invasion) along Boston’s Freedom Trail.

Nikon D300
Nikkor 17-35 AFS

Processing Notes:
Capture (1 image)
Photomatix (pseudo hdr)
Photoshop (Levels adjustment)
NIK ColorEFX (Tonal Contrast boosted highlight/midtone contrast and saturation)
NIK Define 2.0 (Auto entire image)
NIK Sharpener (Display 35% adaptive sharpening)

Here is a sneak peek!

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  1. Romaine Bata says:

    Great Picture!! Love the different lines and color contrast. We have never stopped by this bakery but will look for it the next time we are in Boston. Thanks.

    • Howdy Romaine! I didn’t expect to see a comment from you but I am really glad you took some time to do so. What a great surprise. If you do go to the North End and in the mood for some pizza, make sure to swing by Pizza Regina (sp?) it is very close to Bova’s.

  2. Fred Mast says:

    This is one of the best…but it’s getting harder to pick the best.

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