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2001 Wine Odyssey

An astronaut with a day off from space walks, research, and mission tasks might want to take a break from the daily regiment of Tang to enjoy a nice pinot or cab with their protein paste. A quick trip to the wine cellar module on the International Space Station could provide such luxuries to our orbiting scientists. Although currently not available, or scheduled for production, a wine cellar would be a nice addition to the space based bed and breakfast. However, if there were such a thing, I believe this might be the wine cellar they would visit.

As a bit of an impressionist I commonly take creative liberties to realize my vision. Feel free to watch the video below to see how I use Photomatix 3.2 and a couple of NIK filters to build a wine cellar suitable for international space travel.

Capture Notes:
Nikon D300
Nikkor 16-85 VRII
Gitzo Traveler
Markin Q3T ball head

Aperture: f/16.0
Focal Length: 16 mm
ISO Speed: 200

Processing Notes:
Capture (7 images)
NX2 (Raw Conversion)
Photomatix (HDR/Tonemapping)
NIK Define 2.0 (Noise reduction)
Photoshop (Curves adjustment – global contrast/color correction)
Nik Color EFX Pro (Glamour glow – desaturate)
NIK Color EFX Pro (Tonal Contrast)
Photoshop (size for web)
NIK Sharpener (Display adaptive 35% selectively applied to the wine bottles)

…or, if you have time, you can just watch the video (length: about 10mins).

If you are interested in purchasing any of the NIK Tools, make sure you use the coupon code LIGHTASMAGIC and receive a 15% discount on their products.

To find out more about Photomatix 3.2 visit HDRSoft’s website at:

You can use the coupon code LIGHTASMAGIC to receive a 15% discount on Photomatix

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  1. Justin –

    Great image! I too am exploring combining multiple different filters and pp programs to get interesting results.

    The key I have found like you is……… got to have a great image to start with.

    As someone once said: you can’t polish a turd, :-)

    Take care,


  2. Absolutely.!

    Obviously, I really dig the tonal contrast filter. I have been experimenting with its place in the work-flow. Currently, I am using it as a finishing touch filter. I will do most of my processing and my last step is the tonal contrast which really brings out the textures and breaths life into the image.

    Loving your new site Jeff!

    If anyone wants to see some great photography, just click Jeff’s name in the comment above.

  3. Great image Justin. A nice job walking folks through your workflow as well. Found you via the Nik Newsletter.

    • Thanks John! If I come up with something quick and fun that might help others I will do another video. The NIK tools are wonderful. I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. Nice job Justin. I was just wondering what the result would be if you did the Glamour Glow after the Tonal Contrast (If you saved the layered file, just drag the TC layer below GG)?

    I’m a big fan of the Nik Filters as well.

    • Thanks William. Interesting that you ask, that was the order I initially processed it in. I obviously reversed it. The reason I did that was by adding tonal contrast after the GG, I was able to control the texture definition a bit more. I was able to achieve the glowing quality I was hoping for, but still retain a bit of texture.

      Sorry, no PSD file saved off. Once they are done, I abandon the project and save off the final TIFF. I would drive myself crazy going back, or thinking I could go back. All sorts of crazy tweaks would fill my thoughts. I might just end up curled up in the corner mumbling to myself…..maybe a bit extreme, but a definite possibility.

      Thanks and take care!

  5. Stephen Campbell says:

    taught the same work flow to my class, the tonal contrast filter as Frank Zappa used to say,
    “it puts the eyebrows on it”, NIK rules, keep up the good work!

  6. Stephen, the Tonal Contrast filter is worth the price of admission alone. I love it, and I love the fact you quote Zappa.


  7. Hi Justin,

    Is your video on HDR and Nik’s tools still available? Doesn’t seem to be accessible at this moment via this Web page.

    • Howdy,

      I just double checked and it loaded up fine for me. Occasionally, your browser settings might prevent it from loading. Try it again, if you still can’t get to it let me know and I will try to get you direct link or a copy of it.

      Thanks for checking.


  8. Thanks Justin for your response. I found the URL link of the video in your code and was able to view it. Very interesting. Great job. Cheers.


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