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Approaching Denali – The Movie

I hope you enjoyed last week’s photo essay, Approaching Denali. As promised, here is a short movie I made from the flight. You should have seen me. My Flip was in my jacket’s chest pocket, iPhone in the right hand pocket, Sigma 15mm fish in the left hand pocket, and the D700 w/ the 17-35 on my lap. My hands were flying around and my head was on a swivel. I’m sure our pilot was worried I was going to accidentally pull the handle to the ejection seat.

I normally carry a small Flip video camera with me when we travel. It is a great little camera. If you are interested in it, feel free to read my review here:

Flip Mino HD Review

I hope you enjoy the video. I did my best to hold the camera steady in a turbulent small aircraft.

Note: If you are an email subscriber, you might have to visit the site to watch the video. If so, here is the link:

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Music By: Cary Brothers
Song: Ride
Album: Who You Are

Who Click the icon to get the album.

Cary Brothers is a great band (it is actually an individual singer song writer with a boatload of talent), and I can’t recommend him enough. If you liked ‘Ride’, I think you will like the rest of his work.

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  1. Julie McLeod says:

    That was fabulous!

  2. Kevin La Rue says:

    Terrific soundtrack and “exciting-as-hell” pictures, Justin. Love the wing/overlay/mountain shots… Well done, amigo! KLR

  3. Justin –

    Congrads on the reference to you & your images sent out tonight by Nik for the upcoming HDR Efex Pro release via email. Quite an accomplishment to say the least!


  4. Oh by the way –

    KILLER video man!!!

    makes me dizzy just thinking about the altitude, lack of oxygen a that height and the unpredictable air thermals that play around the mountains of Denali. So was that air turbulence in the video or just you shakin’ a bit? ;0

    l8tr – Jeff

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