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On Otter’s Wings

On Otter's Wings

After a quick review of the camera’s controls, and a lesson in polarization, I turned my wife Shauna loose in a small airplane (an otter to be exact) for a flight around the summit of Mt. McKinley. I knew she had the eye, I just didn’t know how good her eye was. When we landed and reviewed our images, she thought I would dig this one. She was right, I’m pretty sure everyone else is going to like too. There is a good chance you might be seeing more of her work in the future.

Capture Notes:

Nikon D5000
Nikkor 16-85 VR II
Lexar UDMA

Processing Notes:

Capture – 1 image
Photomatix 4 – HDR/Tonemapping
Topaz Labs Denoise 5
Nik Color Efex Pro – Skylight Filter
Nik Color Efex Pro – Brilliance/Warmth Selective to sky
Sized for web
Nik Sharpener 2.0 – Adaptive 25%

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  1. Richard (Oldhickory) says:

    Wow.. that is spectacular. Yep.. very good eye indeed. I like the overall clarity. The distant mountain peak hold up really well.

    Well done!

  2. Yeah, she really dialed this one in. The leading line of the wing in the corner of the image was very well thought out. After seeing her images, the D5000 is no longer my backup camera, it is her camera.

  3. Justin –

    wow, I’m impressed with the D5000’s image quality and your wife’s eye for an image. Well done on both accounts!



  1. […] altitude. I had to share this moment with someone. I looked back, but Shauna was busy making this image, all I could do was turn to Richard and say…”This is so F#@%ing awesome!” […]

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