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The Water Taxis of Vancouver


I could spend all day taking the False Creek Ferries from pier to pier around Vancouver. Actually, we did! We saw Granville Island, Kits Beach, Heritage Harbor, and we were impromptu guests at a strangers wedding as we docked. All for around $14!

I haven’t posted a processing video for a while, and one of the readers and good friends of had a question about adding some contrast to your image after it has been Tonemapped. Also, I have made a couple additions (upgrades) to the Darkroom and decided I should put it all together in a quick video….actually, this one is a bit longer than the usual quick hitters I post. The video touches on creating a single image HDR using Photomatix 4 (beta 9), Adobe Camera Raw, Topaz Labs Denoise 5, and Nik Color Efex Pro. Anyways, I hope you find it useful!

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  1. Nice job! I especially liked the Nik demo and the curves adjustment – thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Jason,
    I’m curious if you were using Photoshop CS5 in 32 bit mode or if you have received your 64 bit version of Nik Color Efex Pro?


    • Good question Bernie. Sorry, I should have included that. I was using it with CS5 in 32bit mode. I hope that answers it. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Hey Justin!
    Thanks for the video! Great Job!

  4. That was a very informative video Justin. Thanks for putting it together for us and nice capture and processing on the image as well. Excellent!

    By the way did you beta test Nik HDR Efex Pro? If you did which of the 2 Photomatix or Hdr Efex Pro did you like better?

    • Thanks Jeff. I am glad you enjoyed it. As for you question regarding Nik and Photmatix…. That is a tough one. Basically, I have been using Photomatix for a long time, so there is a degree of familiarity I haven’t established with Nik yet. I have been using Nik when I have time and helping them with their beta testing efforts. From a pure comfort standpoint, I still give the nod to Photomatix since that is what I am used to. That being said, Nik is developing an HDR tool that fits really nicely into my workflow. I mean really nicely! I never use the Photomatix plug-ins, so I always have to export my images into a workspace, then in to Photomatix, then into Photoshop. Now, with Nik, I can pretty much work between Aperture (or bridge) and Photoshop. It is really slick. I will keep you posted as their product continues to develop. Look for a review in the coming month.

      Take care Jeff!

  5. Hi Justin,

    I think we stay(ed) in the same Hotel in Vancouver, came across your great website in the business lounge where it was set as default page, backupping my D5000 & GoPro HD pictures from 4 weeks of travelling B.C. ;-)

    I like your pics, your tutorials are great, you are bookmarked!



    • Funny! The D5000 is a great camera. Take it with me everywhere we go. Love to see the pics. BC is a great place, we can’t wait to get back. Stay tuned, I have some images of Hippo and lHermitage coming up soon!

      Thanks for visiting.


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