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iPhone Friday

Sorry for the hiccup in postings. Internet access has been a bit sparse. More so than I had anticipated. Everything should be back to normal shortly.

Photographic Friends: In the right hand column of the site I maintain a list of photographers who’s work I enjoy. Occasionally, I figure it is best to provide a couple of new/old links in an iPhone Friday post to make sure everyone who doesn’t like to scroll stays current

Anthropomorphizing The Ghost In The Machine: In case you missed it this week on Twitter, here is a cool video you might want to check out. It provides an interesting perceptive on computing. To watch it, click here.

iPhoneography: You can catch the entire week over here. I am really looking forward to this week’s images. I just got back from a 4 mile recon run, and myPhone can’t wait to go with me. It was actually mad at me when I got back, and has yet to say good morning. The 3Gs is stable, but sensitive.

Last week I updated the list of apps I am currently using on myPhone. You can find the current listing here.

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  1. RYoungPhotog says:

    Thanks for the mention brother! Have fun in Meh-He-Ko

  2. Your link for Brian Matiash is for Mike Olbinski’s web page.

  3. Hi Justin,

    How about this for your next iPhone Friday ;-)

    Keep ‘em coming – always look forward to your posts!


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