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That’s Some Harry Potter S#!t

Harry Potter Sh...

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was able to get a couple of nice rides in and I think I have the details of the fitness challenged hashed out, so make sure to check out this weeks iPhone Friday when I will announce it. It should be fun, and I hope you decide to participate.

During a slideshow for some friends of our recent trip to Alaska, my buddy exclaimed…”That’s some Harry Potter S#!t!” when he saw this image. It made me laugh, and I thought it was an accurate description. I can’t take credit of this one, it is another image from my wife’s D5000. You can find other images from the flight around the summit of Denali in the series Approaching Denali.

Capture Notes:

Nikon D5000
Nikkor 16-85 VR
Lexar UDMA

Processing Notes:

Capture 1-Image
Photomatix – HDR Tonemapping
Topaz Labs Denoise 5 – Noise reduction
onOne Software – PhotoTune 3
Nik Color Effects Pro – Skylight filter (selective to clouds)
Photoshop – Sharpen (selective to mountains)
Sized for web

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  1. Richard (oldhickory) says:

    Beautiful shot… so atmospheric!

  2. Wow…..d5000 no less – just goes to show you, it is the equipment all the time!

    Killer pp work my friend, you were riding with the angels on this one…

    ~ jeff in Texas

  3. Justin –

    PS – hey, I’ve been playing around with the new Alien Exposure 3 release. you might want to download a copy of the 30 day trial version an mess with it – the coolest plugin for the understated.

    disclaimer – I have no financial interests, ;-)

  4. One of the best mountain images I have seen – great work!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Hickory – Atmospheric is a great word for it.

    Jeff – We were with the angels, there was something special going on that day. (thanks for the link)

    Scott – Thanks, that is quite the compliment. I really appreciate it.

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