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Welcome To Vancouver Spider-Man


At the time I was making this photograph, it really didn’t cross my mind. It wasn’t until I processed it that I started to think about Spider-Man. I’m not sure if it’s the architecture, the single glowing window, or the wide angle perspective, but I keep waiting for Spidey to come crawling down the wall. Is it me, or do you feel the same way?

New Travel Guide and Photo-map: I just finished up my Vancouver travel guide. It includes information about lodging, activities, an interactive photo-map, and a photo of the cutest dog you have ever seen. If you are headed to Vancouver, or know someone who is, you might want to check it out.

Capture Notes

Processing Notes:

Capture – 7 images @ 1ev
Photomatix 4 – HDR Tonemapping (.jpgs)
Nik Color Effects Pro – ProContrast
Nik Define 2.0 – Noise Reduction
Photoshop – Sharpen
Sized for web

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  1. Can’t stay away from glass, can you Justin? Nice shot, but I’ve been watching this scene for a while now. Still no Spidy.

  2. Much better week this week and uplifting news – I’m down to 145.6 That’s 10 lbs down from my biggest weight this year and really uplifted my day.

    35:22 elypitcal 3 miles
    yogurt 80 cals
    Apple 65 cals
    Tuna Salad w/o bread 100 cals
    Lobster Cheese N Mac 100 cals
    Prime Rib 150 cals
    12 shrimp w/ light BBQ 120 cals
    2 eggs 140 cals
    2 white toast 180 cals
    Warm milk 190 cals
    1/2 hour shoveling snow

    Apple 90 cals
    Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom no mayo or cheese 321.9 cals
    25 grapes 50 cals
    1/2 cup holly nog 180 cals
    string cheese 80 cals
    lean cuisine mushroom pizza 340 cals
    Peaches 25 cals
    popcorn 1.5 cups 60 cals
    4 jr mints 41 cals

    35:22 3 mils eliptical
    yogurt 80 cals
    creamy tomato soup 190 cals
    chia tea 70 cals
    cheese 80 cals
    chicken meal w/ mashed potato and corn 500 cals
    ice cream w 2 jr mints 190 cals

    36:26 3.01miles elypt
    3 sets 5lbs machine assisted bench press
    3 selts 10lbs chest pulls
    yogurt 80 cals
    Venti Salted Carmel Hot Coco 470 cals
    chicken meal w mashed potato and corn 500 cals
    2 cheese sticks 180 cals
    Shovel snow 1/2 hour

    Shovel snow 45mins
    Cheese stick 80 cals
    Chia Tea 70 cals
    2 slices white toast and butter 210 cals

    will add tonight’s dinner later

    tomorrow will be my bad day as I know my SIL is making Prime Rib

  3. Fred, it is almost impossible for me.


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