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At A Loss

Indian Gulch Fire

I’m at a loss for what to write. A small fire that started early Sunday morning near Golden, CO has been growing the last two days. I just hope that it is contained by the time you are reading this.

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  1. Wow

  2. Gut wrenching image. I hope so as well.

  3. Such a sad sight to see. I hope they get this taken care of soon.

  4. Thanks for you thoughts and concern guys. This fire is about 10 miles from our house. We aren’t in any danger, and the area it is currently burning is relatively unpopulated. However, if it does continue to grow it will be encroaching about a 1000 homes. The winds have been very strong the last couple of days which isn’t helping. Let’s just hope for favorable weather conditions soon.

  5. Wow. Powerful and sad at the same time. Stay safe.

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