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iPhone Friday

I broke my self imposed rule of only publishing iPhone photos made during the previous week. However, when we were down in Cozumel two weeks ago working with the Coral Princess, I went on a bit of a mobile camera bender. There wasn’t much that escaped my phone. I still have a bunch of photos in the hopper for next week. Also, make sure to check back next Friday. I have a new tutorial that I have been putting together the last couple of months that I think you will like. I hope everyone has a great weekend, we will be back here on Monday with a lessons learned form the latest commercial project.

Learning Resources: Both Trey Ratcliff and Dave Wilson puplished a week’s worth of tips on their respective blogs. The tips are great and the images are no slouches either. I really recommend you take a look. You can find them here.

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography
iPhone Photography
iPhone Photography
iPhone Photography
iPhone Photography

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  1. Justin!,..your iPhone eye is fantastic!

  2. Joan Canto says:

    My grandfather’s house!!! Jajajajaja I love this!

  3. Fitness check in

    This week we started a new plan at work: PT Poker. Every hour on the hour each of us draws a card. The value on the card is how many push ups or sit ups one must do. For the lower face card each person is encouraged to add a 0. For me for the 9 and below I automatically do 10. jokers are 25, kings, queens, and jack are 15. At the end of the day the best hand gets to watch the rest of us do an extra 10.

  4. Fitness Challenge: My race is over and it was a roaring success. Not only did my chip time beat my goal, but the gun time did too! The poor taper didn’t hinder m chances although I did notice that I felt out of shape towards the end of the race. (The headwind on the last four miles did not help either.) I had some knee pains this week, so I haven’t done anything more than a walk, and I developed some swelling around my knee, so as of now, I need to see a doctor.

  5. Fitness Check In: Well, the Dr. says there is something up with the knee. I will get the final results this week. I will keep you posted. Hopefully something PT can take care of. This means I am ridding the bike a lot more. I am on the bike about 5 days a week now. I still feel heavy, but I am riding strong. Hopefully have the lbs drop off in spring, a fast lean man will be revealed.

    @sandra – I love that game, I might try a hand of poker myself. That is a great idea.

    @jill – That is awesome news. I caught the facebook update, and I am so excited for you. I knew you would do it! That is a such an accomplishment. Well done!

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