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The Still Of The Marina

The Marina

It wasn’t surprising that photographers gathered here to to make images of the beautiful Vancouver skyline. I stumbled upon this location after I spoke with the concierge at our hotel. If you find yourself in a new city, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You will probably walk away with a great location for a sunset shoot as well as the perfect dinner recommendation. I arrived on the scene early to scout out a good location. By the time I left there was about 20 other photographers gathered to share the moment. It was a beautiful sunset, but what I remember most about the evening was how still the evening was. It was still, the air was clear, and the tones were cool. That is how I will always remember this sunset.

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

Capture – 1 image
Photomatix – HDR/Tonecompressor
Nik Software – Glamour Glow
Sized for web

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  1. Gorgeous image! Perfect blue hour capture…

    But 20 other photogs, yikes!

    ;) jeff

  2. Beautiful capture! Great point about asking when in a different town. I often travel and I do a lot of asking before I go and when I get there for unique looking places to photograph.

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Jeff – Yep, there were probably 15 cameras and 20 or so people. It was pretty fun, total strangers chatting it up with each other. Good times!

    @frank – Good point, it is a good idea to ask before you leave. Friend, neighbors, etc…sometime it can get overwhelming, but it is always good to have more information than less.

  4. Nice shot, I really like the comp with the tree on the left side!

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