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Out Their Front Door – Matty Wolin

I have been excited to share this guest post with you for quite a while. Matt got it to me well ahead of time. You don’t know how badly I wanted you to see these photos. It took great blog discipline for me to adhere to the schedule. Finally, the time has arrived and I can share Matty Wolin’s breath taking images of ‘The Windy City’, Chicago! Not only is Matt a great photographer, he is a marathoner. If you have any questions about distance running, he’s your guy. The reason I tell you this, many of his images are made while out for a run.

Twitter: @ShutterRunner

When Justin asked me to write a blog focusing on the photographs I have taken near my home, I knew that I had quite the challenge head of me. After all, in my experience, photography and travel go hand in hand. For me, photography has always been about exploration, journeys in capturing moments rarely seen.

I am a city boy, hailing from the 2nd largest metropolis in the United States. However, if you were to ask me which of my photos are the greatest, I would not show you images of skyscrapers and highways. Rather, I would show you moments from the country: The Rocky Mountains of the west, haystacks in Montana, roadsides so idle you could sleep on them.

Chicago HDR

When friends visit, I am often amazed at some of the pictures they take of my city. I even become slightly jealous at times given that they are able to create such captivating compositions out of sights that I often take for granted. When it comes to photography, there are some major advantages with regard to seeing something for the first time. Consequently, I find myself becoming desensitized to the sites I see everyday, but enough excuses.

Chicago HDR
Chicago HDR
Chicago HDR

Chicago HDR
On the flip side, a photographer has numerous advantages when it comes to capturing those moments right outside his front door. Knowing the right locations during the right weather can make for some amazing photo opportunities. Likewise, an understanding of where to be when the sun comes up or goes down is another advantage that only a person living in the city would know. So the next time you set out to capture your home territory, take advantage of those particular facets that experience has afforded you, but also, try to see things as if it were your first time.

Twitter: @ShutterRunner

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  1. Wow… awesome set of images! I hope I can get back to Chicago soon – I went once before I got into photography – I’m sure I’d love the city even more now!

  2. Great post and images.

  3. Great series Justin and a wonderful post today from Matty! Big fan of his work and these shots did not disappoint! Great stuff!

  4. Justin, love seeing my pics up here! Thank you so much for the feature, and thanks to all for the nice comments!

  5. Great post Justin and thanks for contributing Matty – nice shots!

  6. Loving this series. Great post Matty accompanied by some great imagery. Well done!

  7. Great images. This is a great series! Matty’s pics of the city make me miss home :(

  8. Wonderful shots of Chicago! I haven’t been there in years. I think I need to go back. Time to follow another photographer.

  9. What a great collection of pictures – you do your home city proud with these! After my last visit to Chicago, I’m very keen to get back and do a lot more shooting up there. Of the cities I’ve photographed in so far, it’s right at the top of the list since you have so much to see in such a relatively close area downtown.

  10. Excellent post Justin an very nice showcase of Matty’s awesome work which I have always admired since finding the Twittersphere. Always enjoy and look forward to his imagery.

  11. Wonderful perspectives on a challenging subject!

    Love the variety of different “slices” of the windy city, well done!

    ~ jeff

  12. Brilliant series of shots! love your HDR processing especially the after dark ones! the colours really pop out!


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