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The Journey Home

We have been on the road for almost a week now, tracing my father’s history through western Pennsylvania. Its been a great trip, filled with adventure and funny stories. I just hope my camera and I did a good job. Here is an image from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never know it existed. It is nestled deep in a valley about an hour south of Pittsburgh. After visiting, it’s apparent it was hit hard by recessions long ago. The current economic situation isn’t helping. Steel and coal were the town’s backbone, and all that is left are the hollowed shells of massive refineries. The world moved elsewhere, but its long time residents didn’t.

It is late, and I have to pack. I hope to share more images of Pennsylvania in future posts, I have quite a few images to mange when I get home. I hope everyone had a safe weekend, and remembered the people from places like Johnstown, who have sacrificed for others.

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

Capture – 1 image (handheld)
Adobe Camera Raw – Raw conversion
Nik Color Efex Pro – Tonal Contrast
Photoshop – Selective curves adjustment
Sized for web

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  1. Hello – You are not far from my area of the world. I was born in Green County – Waynesburg but my parents moved to Beaver County when I was an infant. (In the late 50’s). I live north west of Pittsburgh near the Ohio border.

    If you are passing anywhere near Pittsburgh, there are many tremendous areas to photograph both in and around the city.


  2. It’s the values in those communities that built this country! Hard working individuals to created and manufactured products. Thanks for sharing, Justin.

  3. Richard (oldhickory49) says:

    Hans… Couldn’t agree more. Our country’s greatness emanated from places like this and people like these.

    Justine… great shot. I’d love to see a review of the 28-300mm and get your impressions of it.

    • Howdy Hickory! It is my main lens now, it is on my camera about 75% of the time. If I had two FX bodies, I would leave it on 1 full time. The other FX body would interchange between a wide 17-35 (or 14-24) and a portrait (50mm or 85mm). I actually keep my 50mm AFS on my D5000 full time in the field, that way I have a lighter weight portrait lens (75mm DX) with me at all times. I would just like to add a second FX body, then never have to change a lens again. Comon’ nikon, I need the D800!

  4. Gary Mencimer says:

    Indeed a town with a hard history. Back in 1889 more than 2200 people were killed when a rain soaked dam above the town broke releasing a torrent of water on the sleeping citizens.
    Excellent book on the subject by James McCullough.

  5. Thanks everyone! Hans you are right on the money. This is where America was made. It is hard to see it so depressed.

    @Gary, we read all about the flood, I actually have a photo of the flood water line…and its spooking imagining it that high. A very tragic event.

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