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The Pilot Boat


As a photographer I am sucker for a couple of things….1) reflections and 2) single subjects within a field of patterns. When the park rangers approached in this pilot boat in Glacier Bay, I couldn’t help myself. I made several images as it neared our ship. Some included the mysterious islands in the distance. In the end I settled for the minimalism of this image. However, if a whale were to breach alongside this boat, and I was able to capture it in a frame, I might have posted that image instead.

News: I will share an image tomorrow that will be available as a free iPad wallpaper for our ‘GOOD’ Newsletter subscribers. It was one of my favorite images from France, and I think you will like it too. Check back tomorrow for more information about the ‘GOOD’ Newsletter, and the the series of iPad wallpapers that we will be releasing shorty.

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

Capture – 1 image
Adobe Camera Raw
Sized for web

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  1. Justin –

    Great image! I love the rich contrasts, use of negative space and the wave patterns. Perfect composition and processing!

    ~ jeff

  2. vibrant, minimal and crisp. nicely done!

  3. Nice work Justin! Looking forward to the wallpaper!

  4. Really nice shot.

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