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Under The Falls

Under The Falls Niagara Falls HDR

Sometimes you have to put your camera at risk to make an image. This was a risky situation for my gear. Before you ride the elevator down to the bottom on Niagara Falls, you are issued a cheap plastic poncho to keep you dry. They don’t issue one for your camera. Needless to say, it was a once in a life time moment, and that wasn’t going to stop my D700 from doing its job. I tried my best to time the waves of mist that rolled over us. Not for fear of my gear, but I wanted to avoid water drops on my lens. I caught a break in the mist, and made the image. No kidding, I shot 2 quick frames and my camera was soaked. It was like I showered with it. That being said, the Nikon weather sealing held up and it is still doing its job. I’m proud of it!

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

Capture – 1 image
Photomatix – HDR/Tonemapping
Blended the original image in
Nik Tonal Contrast
Photoshop – some selective curves adjustments
Topaz Denoise 5
Photoshop – selective gaussian blur to combat some noise
Sized for web

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  1. Wow! You can really sense the power of the falls in this picture. I’m glad your camera held up to the moisture! This is one of the places on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice – Do they offer soap and shampoo with the plastic bag? :-D

    You are getting your use out of the 28-300 lens.

    • Thanks Doc! Nope, I wish they offered a nice robe afterward. Yeah, it is my main lens now. I have it on about 80% of the time. Great lens.

  3. Awesome perspective!

  4. Yup. Money. Great shot. Really love Nikon’s weather sealing.

  5. Cool perspective of the Falls – bot seen it before! Nicely done and kudos to the D700!

  6. Richard (oldhickory49) says:

    Awesome shot, Justin… You can almost feel the power of the water. I guess I shouldn’t worry about getting the D700 out in a little drizzle. Super powerful image. Excellent!

  7. This is great, Justin. A very unique perspective in an often shot area. Love that you captured the very edge of the falls and you can see how wide and powerful that deluge of water is.

  8. Wow, what an awesome perspective for a shot. Glad to hear the gear held up, as this was definitely worth the risk you took.

  9. Wow up close and personal. Great shot!

  10. Um, WOW. A unique image of a famous spot. Beautiful framing dude, love this.

  11. Awesome perspective! Way to go getting this shot! Beautiful!

  12. Amazing perspective man. Thanks for risking your camera equipment for our viewing pleasure :).

  13. Great image! Glad that your camera was safe in the end! Did you have it covered at all with anything or was it just out in the open?

  14. Wow this is jawdropping! great shot!

  15. Beautiful shot Justin. Glad your D700 held up!

  16. Great shot and perspective. I was there last month and really enjoyed the falls. For the first time I used one of those relatively cheap (2 covers for about $6) camera and lens cover. Always wondered how well they worked and was pleasantly surprised with they kept everything dry (use a lens hood with them for maximum protection).

  17. Wow, thanks everyone for the thoughts on today’s image. My D700 and I are glad we took the risk.


  18. Awesome Shot

  19. wow! a really powerful shot! well done! :)

  20. Thanks everyone for the comments. It is an iconic place and trying to get a fresh perspective is tough. I guess the risk was worth it!


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