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Adventures In Cinema

You might or might not have watched my movies over the last couple years. We have quite a few new readers here so I thought I would catch everyone up today. Well, at least with the Cinematic side of I’m also still scrambling from a week on the road with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Good News! I would like to thank everyone that donated to the Davis Phinney Foundation over the last week. We reached our goal! Yep, we raised over $20,000 to match the $20,000 that the UPCC donated as a challenge grant. Again, a sincere ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped out. That is awesome!

If you are interested in the making of the movies, I usually publish short unedited clips over on Facebook or Google+ where you can watch them evolve. The world of movie making is still new to me, but it is a whole bunch of fun! I have recently started work on my next movie. It will be a bit of departure from my previous ones. You can find a preview of it Google+. Just look in the ‘Clips’ gallery.


About The Music: Sixteen Horsepower, the band featured in the Southwestern, is a band with its roots here in Colorado. Growing up they were more myth than reality. Before I was old enough to see them at a bar, I would sit outside the clubs hoping to catch a listen.They are a storied band, with a long history, and these songs will never do them justice. You will at least get a taste of the Denver music scene, but to truly understand the genius of Sixteen Horsepower, you need to see them live. I intended the playlist to be 16 songs long, however iTunes only accepted 9 of my suggestions.

Click Here to load the playlist into iTunes.


Chasing The Tour


Song: Nobody ‘Cept You
Written By: Bob Dylan
Performed By: 16 Horsepower (the best band Denver ever produced)

Get it on iTunes here.

Secret South - 16 Horsepower

Approaching Denali

This movie is actually the end to the 5 part photo series Approaching Denali. You can find all the photos here.
Music By: Cary Brothers
Song: Ride
Album: Who You Are

Who Click the icon to get the album.

Cary Brothers is a great band (it is actually an individual singer song writer with a boatload of talent), and I can’t recommend him enough. If you liked ‘Ride’, I think you will like the rest of his work.

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  1. Wonderful videos Justin. The Denali one especially since I just took that plane ride last month!

  2. Ed Thwaites says:

    I visited Denali several years ago, but didn’t take the plane ride…and didn’t see the mountain! Thanks for bringing it to me in such a beautiful way!

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