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USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Prologue

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

The TT bikes arrive in the Rocky Mountains

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

The steeds are named by their rider.

Cycling is unlike any other sport. The access fans have to their heros is unprecedented. They share the roads with them, and the parking lot when warming up for a time trial. Generally speaking, most cyclists are pretty cool people to chat with.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

The Time Machine...How cool is that?

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

10 speeds

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

Radio Shack rider, George Bennett, is a cool guy...literally. He is wearing a vest that circulates ice water to keep his core temperature down while he warms up.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

Colorado hero, Christian Vande Velde, contemplates the trial ahead.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

Waiting for the start time. (Some images are easy to caption, and some aren't. I was trying to avoid Untitled.)

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

Fans making their way to the start in the heart of Colorado Spring's Garden of the Gods.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

This Is Ted King!

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue Andy Schleck

This Is Andy Schleck!

More Cowbell.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue

I hope you enjoyed today's look at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. We will see you back here for tomorrow's first mountain stage.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge kicked off today with a Prologue time trial through the picturesque, ‘Garden of the Gods’, in Colorado Springs. The Prologue is an individual race against the clock. Riders leave, in predefined intervals, to challenge the course in an extremely soul searching type of way. It is the most painful event that a rider will ever endure. The challenge isn’t in the terrain, it is in your body’s ability to withstand the punishment your mind is requiring of it. It is also a special event for the spectators. Not only do they get to spend several hours cheering for the riders as each one races by, they get to mingle with them as they warm up. Cycling is unlike any other sport when it comes to fan access. As a fan, you get to watch the mechanics prepare their machines. You hear the roar of the crowds as the favored riders arrive in their team cars. You get stand next to the riders and observe as they prepare themselves for the trials ahead, and because cyclists are generally good natured interesting folk, you can have a short chat with them. This is what I wanted to convey in today’s post. I have said it many times before, but cycling is the greatest sport on earth. I grew up a bike racer, and have an undying love of the bike. These are the memories I have from years of riding, I hope you come out to a bike race to make your own.

We will see you back here tomorrow as the UPCC makes its way though the Rocky Mountains! I also might have a pretty slick free computer desktop to unveil tomorrow for everyone. It will simply be titled…’Captain America’. I think you will dig it.

Quick Reminder: I am providing this behind the scenes look at one of America’s greatest bike races to raise awareness of the Davis Phinney Foundation and it’s mission to match the $20,000 challenge grant provided by the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. If you enjoyed any or all of this coverage, PLEASE consider making a donation to help those living with Parkinson’s Disease, ‘Live Well’. To learn how you can help us achieve our goal click here.

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  1. Great photos. Thanks for that.

  2. Nice series here Justin! It was nice to finally meet you. We will have to meet up again!

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