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USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 2

How To Win A Bike Race In 5 Easy Steps (featuring George Hincapie)

1) Sign Autographs – This will quickly fill your karmic tank. If for some reason your fitness fails you, karma will surely propel you to victory.
USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 2 George Hincapie

2) Strategize with a former Giro d’ Italia Winners – This is key. Victory is no accident so a fool proof plan is absolutely necessary.
USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 2 George Hincapie

3) Pimp Your Victory – I appreciate the fact that George went old school here with a classic 2 handed victory salute. In this modern era of cycling, with the ‘rock the babies’, the ‘archer’, the ‘pistol’, we have lost touch with our roots. It was refreshing to see that George kept it real.
USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 2 George Hincapie

4) Celebrate With Your Entourage – George continued to keep it real with a timeless ‘high five’.
USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 2 George Hincapie

5) Claim Your Prize – To the victor goes the spoils. It is important to take your time here. You don’t complete steps 1-4 and then sluff on step 5. This is your podium, enjoy it! I would have liked to have seen George drop a subtle wink on the crowd, but he decided to keep it simple. That is fine with me. Even though I just told you this is your podium, you don’t want to ‘raise the roof’ here. Treat it with the same respect George did.
USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 2 George Hincapie

Well done George, we hope to see you up there again soon!

Quick Reminder: I am providing this behind the scenes look at one of America’s greatest bike races to raise awareness of the Davis Phinney Foundation and it’s mission to match the $20,000 challenge grant provided by the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. If you enjoyed any or all of this coverage, PLEASE consider making a donation to help those living with Parkinson’s Disease, ‘Live Well’. To learn how you can help us achieve our goal click here. You can find all my coverage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge here.

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  1. George has always been one of my favorites! Glad he won a stage. Love the pictures. Great coverage!

  2. Howard Miller says:

    Great photos, Justin. Thanks for keeping those of us stuck in middle America in the loop.


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