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Crescent Valley – Part III

The Story of Crescent Valley

My visit to Crescent Valley wasn’t in pursuit of iconic images full of bold colors and breathtaking vistas. It was more of an exercise is creative exploration and story telling. I spent much of my time walking through the streets quietly observing this small town. I began to practice a new creative process of making notes about my impression of an image I captured in my camera. I then reviewed these notes when I began to process the images back home. My hope was that these notes would help me to tell a more cohesive story.. I believe they did, however I also feel I still have a long way to go. My final installment in the Crescent Valley series will be tomorrow, followed by a series of iPhone images I made from the valley on Friday. I hope you have enjoyed it thus far.

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  1. Really like the mood and feel of the images Justin. I think your processing really conveys what you intended.

  2. This works! Reminds me of scenes in a movie. Well done!

  3. I really like this Justin. You’ve really created a mood that goes well with this desolate landscape. Well done.

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