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iOS Friday – Climbing Longs Peak

A few weeks ago myself and two good friends set out to climb a fourteener (14k+ foot peak) here in Colorado. Being a Colorado native, I sometimes take our mountains for granted. Heck, we have 52 of them. However, I remember we have readers all over the world! has a pretty good group of readers from Australia, France, Norway, Spain, Ireland, England, Mexico, and Argentina. That being said, I thought it would be fun to share with everyone what climbing one of our most challenging fourteeners is like. Longs peak isn’t the tallest or most technical, although it can get sketchy at times, but it is long…..17 miles round trip long. On a mountain like that, you need to pack light. I only allowed myself my Lumix LX5 (my review here) and an iPhone backup. I then processed the images using Nik Software’s Snapseed for the iPad (my review here). Here is our story illustrated with a light weight kit and super easy to use processing tool. If you are ever in Colorado, and want to climb a fourteener, let me know. I would love to join you.

Quick Question I need help trying to figure out what to process for Monday. Do you want to see an image from the USA, Central America, or Europe. Leave a comment below and the location with the most votes wins. See you back here on Monday!

Climbing Long's Peak

You sleep at base camp (errr...The Travelodge).

Climbing Long's Peak

You wake up at 2am and eat a good breakfast.

Climbing Long's Peak

You sign in just in case you don't come back.

Climbing Long's Peak

You stop to watch the sunrise.

Climbing Long's Peak

You watch the mountains shed the night.

Climbing Long's Peak

You take breaks

Climbing Long's Peak

Marmots take breaks

Climbing Long's Peak

You test yourself.

Climbing Long's Peak

You pass the test

Climbing Long's Peak

You have someone take your photo.

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  1. Hey, these are some choice pics!,..I pick Europe

  2. Great looking shots man – looks like an amazing time, with some spectacular light. I vote Central America :)

  3. I love the story you told, especially how you take breaks while the marmots take breaks. I can almost smell the mountain air right now!

  4. Great write up with the images Justin. I did an internship in Denver awhile back and would look at Long’s Peak every morning. Nice job.

    • Cool, I didn’t know you were ever in the CO area. I love how you can see Longs from pretty much anywhere on the front range. I actually tested it once, and you can start to see it from about 72 miles out.

  5. Hmm. Hard to choose with so little to go on, but Central America seems to be the most intriguing.

  6. Awesome dude…awesome.

  7. Awesome shots! I want to climb a mountain. Put me down for good ole US of A.

  8. I love the way you wove this tale with images. Your silhouetted friend against the sunrise is a favorite.

    I’ll cast my vote for Europe.

  9. Awesome series! One more vote for Europe.

  10. Great trip, love the images….but wouldn’t be able to leave the d700!

    I vote for Central America of course!!!!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  11. Incredible pics Justin – makes me long for Colorado again (long time ago “graduate” of COBS). A story well told. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Howard Miller says:

    Great story. I have great memories of doing the same thing, only I remember more rain and hail. I might have to take you up on climbing a fourteener the next time I’m in CO, or maybe just having coffee at the base of one.

    My vote is foe Europe.

  13. Thanks everyone for the comments and your vote. Looks like Europe won, but I will throw in the others later in the week. I really appreciate the help!

  14. Ed Thwaites says:

    Thanks, Justin…I’ve always wanted to climb Long’s. But I’ve waited too long.
    Did get up as far as the boulder field once, and my older sons planned to go to the top until weather turned them back. One son and one granddaughter have made it up since. Thanks for letting me see what it’s like up there!

    • Right on! I’m so glad you enjoyed the view. Also great to hear that a few Thwaites have summited as well. Thanks for the comment. It was great to hear from you.

  15. Delinda Fatianow says:

    Justin, those are great photos and I love the captions! Made me laugh! Looks like you had a great day with Uncle Paul and AJ! Thanks again, it is a day I am sure AJ will never forget!

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