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Out Their Front Door – Heath O’Fee

You might be wondering where ‘iPhone Friday’ went? Well, it’s not here today. Don’t worry, I promise it will be back next week. Instead, I have a special treat for you. The first international installment in the ‘Out Their Front Door’ series. Heath O’Fee has been a long time photo buddy and member of the circle of internet photographers I visit on a daily basis. Something I have always appreciated about Heath is his willingness to experiment. He is always trying new things and never afraid to experiment. Heck, he even gets old school with his regular ‘Film Friday’ posts. You know, that stuff we used to use when you really had to master your Jedi like pre-visioning skills. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did. What better way to head into the weekend then a few inspired images from Canada and the Canadian Rockies!


When Justin pitched me the idea of his Out Your Front Door series, I thought it was great idea. After reading the great posts that have already been published in this series, I honed in on two specific reasons why this series is so compelling, and why I’m more than happy to be a part of it.

1. As photographers we love to travel and capture the beauty of places around this great world, but we don’t always get the chance to. This series allows us to see some of the places that we may never visit, and maybe even inspire us to visit a few places we never thought we’d like to.

2. Sometimes the yearning to travel and explore foreign places means we neglect the amazing beauty that may be lurking right out our front doors.

For me, I know that point number two is especially true. I’ve lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for all but two years of my life. Being just an hour and a half away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I spent a good number of my childhood weekends in Banff National Park. I remember camping and going on day trips with the whole family, my Dad teaching me how to skip stones on the shores of beautiful mountain lakes, and skiing all winter long. Those were great times, and I’ll cherish those memories forever. Fast forward to today, and although I’ve been passionate about photography for the last four or five years, I haven’t visited the mountains with the frequency I should. There is such majestic beauty to capture, and I need to stop taking it for granted.

But the mountains aren’t the only place to find beauty around Calgary. As this city has continued to grow, a number of gorgeous buildings have been constructed. One of my favourite ways to show these buildings off is through abstract compositions.

Another aspect of living in this city that I’ve taken for granted is the skyline. I’ve always admired photographers who can make compelling skyline images with ease, and it’s something I’d like to experiment more with in the future.

Thanks so much to Justin for letting me share my little part of the world with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief journey to Alberta, and if you’re ever in the area be sure to drop me a line…I’m always happy to shoot with new friends.

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  1. Being new to your blog/website, this was my first “Out Their Front Door” post. What a great idea Justin. The one thing I have learned about togs is that they always appreciate and share others work. I will have to check out your previous posts in this series. By the way, I just started hollowing Heath. Great choice as he is an excellent photographer.

  2. I guess I can forgive you for no iPhone Friday, as Heath did a nice job with this post ;) Heath does some amazing work, and this is a nice taste test of his images. Great series, and wonderful way to wrap up the weekend!

  3. I found your website during the USA Pro Cycling challenge. I’m still checking it out when you add new pictures. The pictures are stunning!!!

    • Right on! I add new pictures every Monday through Friday. Every now and again I will miss a day, but that has pretty much been the schedule for the last 3 years. Thanks for the kind words, I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  4. Great series, Justin! I’m heading up to Banff next week and Heath is going to join me on the last day of the trip. It’s going to be great to finally meet him. I’ve been following Heath for a while now and it’s always fun to see his vision for places. I think you expand as a photographer when you learn how other people see things which allows you to expand your creative vision.

    Justin, Heath, well done!

  5. What a great addition to this series Justin! Fantastic points on the series Heath, so true! Even though I’ve had the good fortune of seeing these amazing images on your blog prior to this post, they bring a bit more interest to them when you connect them to you and your home! Well done my friend!

  6. Excellent work by Heath and a great series Justin.

  7. Another great addition to this series. Heath is a gifted shooter with a great eye. Thanks, Heath, for sharing your story.

  8. Another terrific post to an already stellar series. Heath is just a ridiculously talented photographer and being able to explore the world through his eyes is a daily treat. Keep it up brother.

  9. Heath is a really great photographer and your right Justin about him always trying new things, keeping it fresh! Traveling is a luxury I don’t have, so I try to do the best with my own surroundings. Great installment and your new blog looks great. Keep up all the hard work and dedication, everyone!

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