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This post goes out to a photo buddy of mine Scott Ackerman. Why you ask? Well, a of couple reasons. First, he is Kansas resident who loves the Colorado Rockies. He spent a part of this summer up in the Summit County area so I thought I would share a bit more of Colorado to get him back out here next summer. Secondly, he is also a cyclist and contacted me for a playlist he can use on his rides. Below is the four hours of listening pleasure that I used to get me through some long solo rides this spring. If you would like to take a listen, just click the link and it will load it up in your iTunes library Songs For Solo Bike Rides.

Enjoy Scott, and I hope to see you back out here next summer!

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

Capture – 1 image
Photoshop – Various curves adjustments
Nik – Define 2.0 Noise Reduction
(My secret Nik SEP Trick..not really secret, thousands of people have viewed the video, but I just don’t feel like linking it right now)
A bit more noise reduction
Sized For Web

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  1. Wonderful light and rainbow Justin.

  2. Dude! Wickedly awesome shot! I want a signed copy of this for my office wall!

  3. Excellent rainbow! A lot of rainbow shots are boring, but this one is really nice. It leads the eye down to the lighted foreground. Cool!

  4. Love this shot man. The rain/storm, the mountains, the fall colors and a rainbow to boot! Nicely done man.

  5. Stunning shot Justin. Just love it.

  6. Great shot, and a shout-out to Kansas!

  7. Great looking image Justin. I like the composition.

  8. Thanks everyone!

  9. Wow, that light on the hill under the rainbow is just magical.


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