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Remittance Man

Remittance Man

If you remember back to my Crescent Valley series, I made mention of a Remittance Man. Well, this is the cabin of Tommy George and he was the one. Remittance Man was the name given to individuals who had shamed their families in England and were paid an allowance to leave and live abroad. I have no idea what Tommy George did to shame his family, but I was told he was a classically trained concert pianist who liked women and drink. He lived in this cabin for over 50 years. He passed away in the mid 70s.

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  1. Fantastic shot Justin. I love the sunburst and the way you’ve processed the image.

  2. I always enjoy the images that come out of your fisheye! The HDR is perfect for this.

  3. This is some nice creamy HDR. Looks cool.

  4. What a smooth looking HDR. Love the processing on this. Great shot!

  5. Fantastic shot! That is so interesting. how did you find something like this???

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