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The American Cowboy – Part IV

When we finally mounted up and started to ride up valley, I told Doug that is an unbelievable day. I think I might have actually said something like…”Holy $#!+ Doug, this is so F-ing Awesome!“. Doug laughed and said to me, “Yep, this is a good day to be a cowboy”. I have no doubt that I’ll never forget this experience. Hopefully they’ll have us back next year so we can make it a yearly installment. Well, until then, I hope you enjoyed the series and learned a bit about Doug, a true American Cowboy. I leave you with the images I made that day when it was a ‘good day to be a cowboy’.

Parting Thoughts

I learned quite a bit from Doug and his family in the short time I got to spend with them. Heck, we even chased a herd of yaks out of his pasture. One thing I didn’t do was lane a bunch quitter. A story better told over a beer. The real lesson I learned was that when you see a group of folks like this, standing on the side of the road, and they invite you over to have a beer….You do it! Thanks to Jan, Doug, Lee, Andy, Manny, Ramon, Miguel, and Smiley for having me along and letting me share their story.

The complete series

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  1. This totally makes me miss trail riding across Michigan. What an amazing series this has been!

  2. I’m really enjoying your cowboy series. The shots against the aspens are perfect. Well done.

  3. Wonderful final shots. I’m really sad to see this series end. Great job.

  4. Greg Crozier says:

    What a fantastic series, I’m so glad I followed the link in the NIK software tweet. Thank you. Amazing images.

    • Thanks Greg! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It was a very rewarding piece to do and I’m happy with the way it turned out.

      Thanks again!

      p.s. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter, I will have a few free computer desktops in it.

  5. Fabulous! You made us look good! Of course…come back anytime!! We should be around.

  6. Awesome! Love the series. I really like the images of you riding into the aspen stands. Very cool! Hope to catch up soon!

  7. As the sister that grew up riding those mountains and bringing the cattle out of the high country, it makes me homesick. The photos were stunning. Congratulations on a job well done!

    • Thanks! It was one heck of an experience, and I can’t wait to do it again. Maybe next time you will be in town visiting! Thanks again for the kind words.

  8. Tom O'Farrell says:

    Your fine photo essays reminded me of the black and white photos Leonard McCombe published in “The Cowboy” back in 1951. Twenty of them appeared in an article in “Life Magazine. Of course none of his cowboys wore designer sun glasses. Thanks for documenting the vanishing tradition that is still played out annually in a few western locations.

  9. Beautiful images and great story Justin! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. I learned a lot and enjoyed your humor as always!

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