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The American Cowboy

Howdy! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. This weekend I had both the honor and the privilege to spend a couple days tagging along with a true American Cowboy. By ‘tag along’, I mean ride with, prepare with, work with (as best a city slicker could), and share a few beers with. Basically, be a cowboy for a day. As Doug said, “it was a good day to be a cowboy”. One thing this city slicker didn’t do was ‘lane a bunch quitter’ so they might have me back? More on that later.

Doug is as authentic a cowboy you can find. I believe his official title is Range Rider. In a couple of weeks I will be sharing his story, along with the story of the ranch he rides. Until then, here are a couple quick facts. The ranch he works was established in 1860. 6 generations of family have worked it since. 3 generations of family are currently working on it. I honestly don’t know where you could find such a rich and historic heritage in modern America? Also, here is a quick fact about Doug. You might think that a true cowboy has a Garth Brooks or Clint Black ringtone for their phone. Not Doug! He’s got Metallica. Not just any Metallica….old school Metallica. That’s just one of the cool things about him. More to come in couple of weeks so stay tuned for his story.

This Week – I’ve got a strong week planned out. I hope you like it!

  • Tuesday – An awesome installment in the ‘Out Their Front Door’ series featuring an incredible British photographer.
  • Wednesday – Having just experienced the most incredible fall colors I have witnessed in Colorado, I put together a bunch of free desktop wallpapers for you.
  • Thursday – A little something special for photo buddy, Scott Ackerman.
  • Friday – iPhone Friday full of images from a road trip between Salt Lake City, UT and Elko, NV
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  1. That must have been a really cool experience Justin. Great image with the mountain in the background.

    • Thanks Len! Yeah, it was an incredible experience. The folks that run the ranch are some of the nicest you’ll meet. They were very generous to let this City Slicker tag along. It was a great day for sure!

  2. Sweet shot and looking forward to the rest of the story….and I must admit, pretty excited to see what Thursday brings. You’ve got me thinking.

  3. Justin –

    Best image you have produced yet! Here is what I like:
    1. Gorgeous light, superbly silhouetting the cattle/cowboy perfect back lighting on the mountain.
    2. Beautifully framed = wall hanger.
    3. Wonderful mix of colors – not over processed.
    4. Captures the “cowboy way” in spectacular fashion.
    5. All cowboys have a “cowdog”, great ones have two!

    This image could stand alone in any gallery in the West, right next to a David Stocklein….

    great job ~ jeff

    • I really appreciate that coming from you Jeff. I know the west is a big part of your life. I’m glad I could share an image you identified with. Thanks again!

  4. Just love this view you captured. Makes you feel like you are on horse right behind them.

    • Thanks Chris. Actually, the day before I was on the horse behind them. On this day, I had staged myself along the road that would be the most interesting for images.

  5. Wow! Fantastic photo! Can’t wait to hear Doug’s story.

    • Thanks man! It will be a couple weeks, but it is quite the story. Doug is as generous and nice as they get. He is good energy all around. Awesome guy!

  6. Wonderful image Justin. I’m looking forward to read and see more of this experience.

  7. Doug and his family are friends of ours that we have not seen since moving away from the Butte. Can’t wait to see the pictures and stories to bring it all back. I learned more from them, just being in their company, than years spent other places. Thanks for doing a story on their amazing family!

    • Right on, I didn’t expect a old friend to drop by? I guess that is why I love the internet, photography, and telling stories. They are great people!

  8. Megan Spann says:

    WONDERFUL pictures Justin! My husband is Andy, the third working generation currently! Marrying into this family has been so wonderful! I wish I could ride more than I do. I love Doug and his wife! Riding is always an unbelievable experience! There’s always something new happening! So I can’t wait to read about your experiences! Hopefully you get more chances to come back and ride some more!

    • Thanks Megan! Right on, Andy was a great guy to ride with. I really enjoyed riding with him that day, I would love to do it again. Andy makes an appearance tomorrow.


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