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This spot was a lucky find outside of Salt Lake City, UT. It caught my eye while driving so my mother-in-law and I decided to check it out. I obviously went in first to make sure it was safe, then I gave her the ‘All Clear’! The funny thing is that my mother-in-law had more fun exploring this abandoned place than I did. Yep, she’s pretty cool!

Photographer’s Note: I don’t make a habit of staging things in a scene. However, those flowers were actually on the floor behind me. I knew I wanted them in the image, and at the same time, I wanted a composition with a significant amount of depth to to it. To do so, I had to stage the flowers. All in all I like the way it turned out. Even if I did have to add a prop.

If you would like the processing details on it, just let me know!

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  1. Looks awesome. Love the gritty, dirty feel with the pretty yellow flowers smack dab. Nice work.

  2. Please share your setup, lighting (if any), and your post processing. Thx.

  3. Love it Justin. I love abandoned buildings with grafitti and you’ve really brought out the grittiness in this.

  4. Thanks Everyone! I really appreciate it. The processing notes are as follows:

    Capture – 9 images @ 1ev
    Lightroom – exported .jpgs with a neutral profile
    Photomatix – HDR/Tonemapping
    Nik – Color Efex Pro 4 (used the new Details Extractor filter..Awesome! Awesome! fitler)
    onOneSoftware – Photo Tools 2.6 used the urban sickness filter and the grunge filter (both very sparingly!!!)
    Photoshop – toned it a bit with a blue channel curves adjustment
    Photoshop – brightened the flowers a bit with the dodge/burn tool.
    Photoshop – Added a bit of vignette with a curves layer.
    Sized it for web
    Posted it!

  5. Great comp and framing here. Really like how the flowers stand out. Well done.

  6. Love the color contrast. Good idea adding the flowers to the frame, it makes the shot.

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