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iPhone Friday


First – We have a little bit of housekeeping to dial in. My ‘American Cowboy‘ and ‘Crescent Valley‘ series were featured in this month’s Nik Newsletter. Good thing I’m running on WPEngine because I had about 5000 folks drop by in the last hour to check things out. You can find the newsletter here.

I tell you this because whether you are a photographer or not, you should sign up for it. The newsletter is full of really creative people and the great folks over at Nik do a fantastic job of sharing them with us.

Second – On the Nik Note, I don’t know if you noticed but they have updated Snapseed with a couple new filters. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do. Spend $4.99 and get the best iOS (phone, iPad, and Mac) photo editing software on the market. You can find my review of it here. It has really changed my approach to the GoLite photo kit. Here are a few images I made using my trusty Lumix LX5 and my Snapseed equipped iPad. Hopefully these photos will encourage you to get a mountain bike and start riding. There is a lot of beauty out there to be seen.

One of my favorite rides in all the world!

Third – I maintain a ‘Behind The Scenes’ gallery over on Google+. You can find it here. If there is a photo you would like to see processed, just leave a comment on one of the images. If it has been processed, I will share the link with you, if not I will try to dial it in this weekend (depending on how many requests I get). Here are a few examples of the behind the scenes photos.

Lastly – I hope you all have a great weekend! Get out and make some art by enjoying this beautiful world! If all goes well, next week I will have a way for you to help people living with Parkinson’s disease so please check back.

An iPhone sunset I shot tonight.

p.s. – A local Colorado photographer dropped by here a couple days back and left a nice comment. I went on to check out his work and found one of the most incredible hot air balloon images I have ever seen. You can find it here. Steve is the real deal and a great photographer.

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  1. Justin – congrads on the Nik publication…pretty damn awesome!

  2. Nice set of images today. Not an iPhone guy, but I appreciate nice photography no matter what it was made with. :)

  3. Congrats on the Nik publication. I may have to give the Nik suite another try. I’m saving up for a little point and shoot. That Lumix looks like the ticket paired with Snapseed.

  4. Congrats on the shots being used! That is huge. Well done!!

  5. Congrats on your photo being published in the Nik newsletter that’s awesome. Love todays shots and yes I use Snapseed on my iPad and I agree with you it’s great.

  6. Very cool.

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