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The Unpainted Desert – Part IV

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s look at the ‘Unpainted Desert’. I thought I would close it out with this image of dawn in the Grand Canyon. It is such a majestic place. In the still of the night you can hear the rapids raging a mile below your campsite. An evening under the stars at Toroweap will surely put things into perspective for you.

I know Thanksgiving is a USA thing, but that won’t stop me from thanking my wife, my folks, my mother-in-law, my friends, and all of you who visit here on a regular basis. You all continue to encourage me and support my belief that the world needs a little beauty and levity during the week. I appreciate your comments, emails, and conversations. I’m very thankful for all of you.

Black Friday Savings

There is a lot of savings being offered in the world of photography right now. Here is a short list of ones you might be interested in.

  • Nik Software – Get the entire suite of Nik Products at a huge savings. I pretty sure my coupon code LIGHTASMAGIC still applies.
  • Think Tank Photo – If you purchase over $50 worth of gear using any of these links, Think Tank is giving our readers 11 free products to choose from. Here is a list of Think Tank products I personally use. Airport International V2.0, Retrospective 10, Skin System and Digital Holster.
  • Reed Photo – My favorite lab hasn’t announced it yet, but they told me they are putting something together. So, if you are looking to print something, give their FB page a look.
  • BH Photo – Well, they have pretty much everything and some really good deals running on their holiday specials page.
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  1. Looks great in monochrome Justin. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Fantastic way to wrap up the series. This is lovely.

    I think I may be going shopping. I hope Think Tank ships to Canada because a quick look tells me they have some items that would be very handy. Thanks, Justin!

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