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Camping Cars of France

The Camping Cars Of France

It is that time of year again, the pro cycling season is underway. To celebrate, I thought I would share a common scene you will find if you ever decide to make your way to the Tour de France. The mountain passes are lined with thousands of RVs. Or as my European friends call them, ‘camping cars’. Fans will flock from all around Europe in these camping cars to cheer on their favorite riders. They arrive days in advance to get a good spot. It is a big party that lasts for days, and if you’re a cyclist, they will cheer for you as your ride by. You don’t know how many times a German, Belgian, or French family saved me by offering me food and water while I was out on a long ride. They just love their cyclists….even if you are a slow rider touring the countryside.

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  1. I like the tilt-shift on this image. Very cool.

  2. Ha! That’s really cool. Sounds like a cool shindig. Nice shot too.

  3. taylorkuban says:

    Have a great time…nice photo’s

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