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Happy New Year!

It has been a great year!

Any year you are healthy is a great year. I think we could all just leave it at that. Getting to meet a bunch of interesting and creative people and make some art is icing on the cake.

Before we reflect on 2011, I want to thank you again for all your support this year. I truly hope you enjoy your visits to the site. Your feedback, comments, and support keep this site going. You all give me a reason to continue to make images and share them. Thanks for sharing in my belief that the world can use a little good news every now and again. I’m looking forward to spending 2012 with you!

I set out in 2011 with three goals. 1) Pursue my passion of Americana. 2) Use my camera for good. 3) Conduct a workshop. The workshop had to be delayed until this Feb, but other than that I completed my goals.

Using My Camera For Good
I volunteered for the Davis Phinney Foundation and photographed the USA Pro Cycling Challenge to help raise awareness of their challenge grant. I continue to help them by donating 1/2 of all my sales of my iPad Wallpapers and calendars.

Pursuing My Passion For Americana
My original intention was to set out an do a photo-essay on the abandoned interstates of the plains. However, what it actually became was making a movie of the American Southwest. I also started a YouTube channel where you can find all my cinematic work. Click Here.

Here is a quick look at 2011.

2011 was a year for evolution. There is a very visible evolution in the fact we have expanded our social media presence, rolled out a new look, and even changed the domain name back to where I started in 2001. There is also a subtle evolution that you may or may not have noticed. Unique photos, stories, and a bit of levity served up every Monday through Friday is still the mainstay here, but I have begun to seek out the untold stories of the world and do my best to share them. This year alone we discovered the story of The American Cowboy, Crescent Valley, a Southern California Icon, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, and a Big Fish Story. I really hope everyone enjoyed them. I think 2012 and the future of is summed up in my post from earlier this year.

The Way I See Things

The world is a beautiful place full of wonderful people. Seeking out its beauty and sharing it with others is what I do. If only to encourage others to do the same. There is something transcendent about art and beauty. It’s a common ground that breaks down the barriers that divide us. I’m a dreamer, but in my heart of hearts, I know if we all recognize and share the beauty of this world, we will make it a better place.

Random Milestones of 2011

  • If you are a regular here, you saw over 1000 images this year. That number blows my mind.
  • My iPhone Photography Tutorial has taught over 50,000 people!
  • We are averaging close to 11,000 visitors a month. Our biggest month was 16,000 visitors.
  • I consolidated my portfolio. Click here to view it.
  • Our first ‘Good Newsletter’ went out. The next one is going out next week. Sign up here if you haven’t already.
  • I lost a tripod.
  • Surprisingly, I didn’t loose any lens caps.
  • I shot 37,303 images. 10,287 were with my nikon 28-300 lens.
  • I actually got to meet several photographers who are good friends now. Rick Louie, Will Swetnam, Dave Wilson, Jim Nix, Alex Suarez , Hau Co, and Richard Hawkins.

The Guests Of 2011

This year I sought out some of my favorite photographers and asked them to share a bit of their world with us. The series was a great success, and you can find all their posts here.

Bob Lussier


Mike Olbinski


Dave Wilson



Jeffrey K. Edwards (aka Doc)


Matt Wolin

Chicago HDR


Rick Young


Jim Denham


Heath O’Fee


Russ Barnes


My Favorite Images From 2011

What good is a year in review without sharing some of my favorite photos from 2011. For one reason or another, these are the images that stand out in my mind. It could be the image itself, a personal breakthrough represented by the image, or simply a moment in my life I will always remember.

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  1. Great collection and recap, happy 2012!

  2. Hey, Happy New Year to you too, Justin. I only have a handful of photo sites I visit everyday and yours is one of them. Thanks for all the work you do putting the site together. It’s inspired me and lots of others. Have a great 2012!

  3. What a great year Justin, and thanks for letting me tag a long a bit! Love the new look of the site and your images really show off the creativity of a great photog! Hope the new year brings even more exploration and fantastic images for you!

  4. I enjoyed your wrap up post. It’s a treat to see the photos of your guest bloggers again as well as your favorite images from 2011. Wishing you a fantastic new year….

  5. nicely done my friend! what a great recap, and some amazing photos, wow! love them! it was so great to meet and shoot with you and I look forward to more of that! thanks for the mention too! I feel like you and I are on a similar path, and I look forward to viewing all your wonderful work – best wishes in 2012!

  6. Awesome year man! Thanks again for including me in your series, that was such a treat :)

    And your fav images from the year are just fantastic. Love them all!

  7. Wonderful summary for 2011. I really noticed things differently after a few photo expeditions with you and in turn brought a new vision through my camera. Looking forward to a wonderful 2012 and hopefully a few more expeditions!

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