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The Bull Riders – Part I

PBR Denver

The Complete Story of ‘The Bull Riders’

Up until last week, I knew very little about the sport of professional bull riding. For me, it was what came on after the Tour de France on Versus. However, as an athlete, I have always been fascinated by the the bull riders themselves and what they do to train for their sport. When the PBR was coming through Denver, I decided I would set out to do a story on these guys and find out exactly what it takes in terms of training, mental preparation, equipment, and motivation to get on top of a 2000 lbs animal that really doesn’t want you there. Over the course of this week, in my story ‘The Bull Riders’, I hope to share what I found. I spent the week learning about the PBR and interviewing guys like Austin Meier, Ryan Dirteater, Francisco Morales,and Silvana Alves. I quickly discovered these are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet. They were incredibly generous with their knowledge and time. Other than a few issues with language barriers, not only was I able to get all my questions answered, I had some great conversations. I hope that over the next week, I can help shed some light on these guys, so that you too will understand what it means to be bull rider.

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  1. Love the green laser light against the silhouette Justin

  2. Love the silhouette of the riders with the green laser light! Can’t wait for the rest of the story.

  3. awesome silhouette Justin! great shot, love that laser light too

  4. The image portrays much more glitz to the sport than I’ve seen before and does spark the interest! You’ve got my attention!

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