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The Bull Riders – Part V

Making 8

The Complete Story of ‘The Bull Riders’

Well, we have come to the finals of our story about the professional bull rider. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a bit about what makes these guys tick. I would like to thank all the riders who were kind enough to speak with me and entertain my questions. For a complete novice coming to the sport of bull riding, I was surprised at how generous they were with their knowledge. A great group of athletes that could use your support. Here’s some links to get you started.

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Here is a quick movie I shot of Ryan Dirteater making 8 @ 240 frames per second.

Austin Meier
Austin Meier Denver PBR 2012

Ryan Dirteater
Ryan Dirteater PBR Denver 2012

Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales Denver PBR 2012

Again, thanks to all the riders, staff, and fans who helped make this story possible. Be safe guys and we’ll be cheering for you!

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  1. Super images with great action Justin.

  2. wow Justin great images, love how the bull is looking right at you in the first one!

  3. Man those are just awesome. Way to capture the moment!

  4. That video was awesome as well as the pics! Wonderful series!

  5. Is it just me or are those bulls posing for the camera?? ;-)

  6. Ed Thwaites says:

    Great series, and shots! thanks

  7. Awesome series and wonderful action shots of the bull riders! Well done Justin!

  8. Great Story Justin. Keep up the great work!

  9. Fantastic story and photos – those 8 seconds in slow motion were something to see. That bull was doing his dance and the rider should be proud for staying on like that.

  10. Marty Bleiker says:

    It was very interesting finding you on the Nik newsletter site. Great images & story. My neighbor lady here in FL. watchs the PBR all the time & loves it. I have to show her you web site so she can enjoy you work like I did. Contunued success. MLB.

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