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Playa In Motion

Playa Del Carmen

I have been hard at work on a new project the last three weeks, so I’ve been a bit of a shut in. Coupled with a cold Colorado winter, I’m in need of some sun to recharge the happy battery. Soon we will be working on our newest travel guide, ‘The Photographer’s Guide To La Jolla’. Until then, I will have to do with a photo from Mexico.

Photographer’s Note: Although I used a Singh-Ray 3 stop reverse neutral density filter in this image, I still had to use the GND filter in Lightroom.

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  1. I could use some of this warmth right now, especially based on the snow falling this morning. Very nice image!

  2. Excellent image Justin. Nice light and terrific sun rays.

  3. Gorgeous shot Justin. I like the motion in the waves. Well done!

  4. Nice sunset man. Love the Orange glow.

  5. Beautiful image. I’m with you on needing a bit of beach time. While its been a mild winter we’re waiting for a snowstorm to hit overnight…yuck.

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