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The Splendid Toad Fish

Splendid Toad Fish

I do my best to keep things interesting around here. Partly because I hope your visit here provides an adventure break in your day, and party to encourage you to try something new. As you might or might not know, I’m a fairly avid scuba diver. If you are new here, and missed our ‘Big Fish Story’ you can read it here. Diving is as close as you will ever get to being an astronaut. Unless of course you are an astronaut. I don’t carry much gear with me underwater, but enough to make few images every now and again. Today I thought I would share with you the Splendid Cozumel Toad Fish. Consider yourself lucky if you see one. According to my observations, they spend 100% of their time under rocks. This is as exposed as you will ever encounter one. The quirky thing about the Splendid Toad Fish is that it makes….you guessed it….a ribbit sounding noise underwater. It’s bizarre. The underwater world is pretty much totally silent. When that silence is broken at 100ft below the surface, by what you think is a toad, you start to look around.

….did you catch the ‘Leap Year’ theme? Toad…leap….I guess it was kind of reach.

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  1. So cool Justin! It would be so fun to scuba dive sometime.

  2. lmao, yep I saw what you did there!

    Nice shot man. These guys are cool. I can’t wait to get underwater. You ever get any shots of sharks?

    Saving up for a housing. I got my lens and the gears and flashes already though :)

  3. That’s really cool.

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