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Alaska – Part I

Whale Fluke

Howdy! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was beautiful here in CO so I was able to get some good miles in on the bike. I posted a question asking our Facebook fans what they would like to see Monday. The response was overwhelmingly, ALASKA! So much so, I decided to spend the entire week on images from Alaska. If you ever visit, it will become very clear that Alaska is still wild. You will see grizzly, reindeer, eagles and yes whales! You will see whales breaching as if they were trout feeding on a hatch. The place is amazing, and I’m looking forward to sharing what I discovered with you.

Today’s Image

I shot this image on a photo safari in Juneau bay. Watching these whales from a small boat, is an experience you won’t forget. As the whales approach, you begin to observe their timing and estimate where they will surface. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes they surprise you and surface right alongside the boat. The wildlife commission keeps detailed records of whale flukes and uses them to track their migrations. Many of the whales in Juneau return here every year. They even have records of one whale returning for the last thirty years. These creatures are amazing, and can teach us the wonders of the ocean if we are willing to listen.

Here is the boat we were operating out of.

Whale Safari Boat Juneau

Watching whales surface within feet of this small boat puts things in perspective.

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  1. Excellent image Justin. I took that same boat this past July. We were lucky enough to follow 13 whales at the same time in what is called bubble net feeding. Hope you had the same awesome time that I had.

  2. Awesome photo Justin! Would love to experience this myself! I can only imagine what that could have been like observing from that small boat! Looking forward to the week!

  3. Way to catch the shot man. This things are hard to photo.

  4. Stunning! Whales are one of my favorite animals!

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