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Explaining To Do


After we returned from Toroweap last spring, and we showed this photo to my mom and mother-in-law, I had some serious explaining to do. They were saying things like…”you did what for a photo?!?”. I still don’t think they fully understand the compression effect caused by shooting with a longer focal length lens. I believe this was shot at 300mm? Basically, shooting a longer focal length lens creates the illusion that elements in the image are closer together than they appear. In this case, my wife and the cliff. I reassured them that there was actually plenty of room, it was very safe and there was no cliff at all. I don’t know if they believe me?

If you are new here, or you missed it, here is a movie I made while we visited the southwest.

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  1. Haha, I have had the same experience! I love shots like this. The seem so grandois and larger than life. Nice work buddy.

  2. Awesome shot!

  3. Robert Cannady says:

    Great still shot and loved the video even more. Sixteen Horsepower was a great choice of music. Very well done!

  4. I love this image Justin. There’s mystery and majesty to it. Great movie too.

  5. lol very true. I love that effect. I also like shooting landscapes and stuff with my 300mm. Odd I guess, but it works.

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