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The Mysteries Of The Night

Can anyone guess where this is? I’ll give you a hint, the folks in San Diego might have an advantage. If not, maybe you can ask your friends. 100 points to the fist correct answer.

Photographer’s Notes

It’s easy for me to get into rut. When you try to share images nearly everyday, you start to do things a certain way and sometimes it’s hard to experiment. I try my best to keep things fresh for both of us. I want to make sure you are enjoying your visit here and I need to make sure I am growing as an artist. That being said I decided to jump into onOnePhoto Tools to give this image a little something’ something’. I forgot how easy and fun it is to apply some cool effects that help your creative vision along. I thought I’d share the before and after to prove it to you.

Before onOne Software Phototools

After onOne Software Phototools

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  1. sean rock says:

    It looks a lot like the path leading from my private landing strip to my 55,000 sq.ft. vacation home. But that’s in Bora Bora; nowhere near San Diego.

  2. looks good Justin, and I have to go with one of the hallways in Balboa Park, near the big tower at the center of it (forgot the name of the tower…California Tower?). 100 points please. :)

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