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Austin’s Capitol Is Cool

Austin’s Capitol is definitely cool, but what makes Austin really cool are its photographers. When I visited, guys like Dave, Will, Jim, and Alex welcomed me with open arms, organized a photo walk and let me borrow their SUP. Definitely a good group of folks!

Railings and tripods don’t normally play nicely together, here is how I encourage them to cooperate.

Think Tank Retrospective 10 & Tripod

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  1. That’s a great shot Justin. The wide angle perspective coupled with the B&W conversion is spot on.

  2. Great use of the fisheye…love this perspective.

  3. Looks like you need the Gitzo Explorer tripod with the tilting column. ; )

  4. that looks great Justin, nice work! great shooting with you that day too, and thanks for the mention!

  5. That was a fun day of shooting. Glad you enjoyed your Austin visit. Great visiting with you and the others.

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