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The Quiet Streets of Saint-Lary-Soulan

Streets of France

It’s no secret that I take cameras everywhere I go. Even when I’m out and about on a bike ride, I have one tucked away in my jersey pocket. You just never know. Before the iPhone I went through an embarrassing amount of digital P&S cameras. I shot this image, while riding through the quiet French town of Saint-Lary-Soulan, with a Canon G11…boy was that thing bulky. The last couple of years it has been all iPhone. I think it’s pretty cool that my camera also serves as a jukebox and GPS.

Quick question for everyone…have you completely replaced your digital P&S with your iPhone or do you still find value in them? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I have ditched my G10 to the junk pile and now use the iPhone for images Justin. That may change as I just picked up the NEX-7 as a possible backup for my DSLRs. Nice shot by the way.

  2. I’ll take that dusty G11 or Lumix off your hands Justin. :) We don’t all have iPhones. But you take great images with anything you use.

  3. I also had the G10. I started out doing my HDR on that thing and the noise was preposterous. I use my iphone for all my quick point and shoot shots now. I have the iphone 4 which is not bad. I imagine the 4s is great and the phones coming in the next few years will probably be comparable to high end DSLRs image quality wise.

  4. For the most part, but I still carry my Panasonic LX3 in my Tacoma for those rare times that I don’t have a dslr and that I want just a little more power than my iPhone can provide.

  5. I think the fuji x100 makes the ultimate P&S, but it is definitely a challenge to work with. Love the size, image quality, raw capability, retro style and is just feels great in your hands. It even shoots 1280p video…. The learning curve with this little camera is steep (hate the shutter release lag and lack of manual focus), but the pay off is well worth the it.

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