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Castles Under Construction

Hmmm…that is a pretty lame title. Try to cut me some slack, I have to make up titles every Monday through Friday. They aren’t always easy and the muse isn’t always with me. I posted the processing screenshot of this image this weekend in our various social circles. Here is a breakdown of what I did. The image is a 7 shot HDR image, processed in Photomatix. The resulting .TIFF was the color/contrast corrected in photoshop. At which point it was then brought to life using this technique I pioneered with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. I added a little Glamour Glow to the arches to make it a bit more dreamy and finally ran some dark luminosity masks to deepen the shadows. I also cleaned up a bunch of light spill in Photoshop.

For the adventurers out there, who could careless about how the image was processed and just want to know where it is so they can visit it, it is from Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Beautifully composed and processed Justin. I haven’t been to San Diego in ages and I don’t know why. It was always one of my favorite places to visit. Have to put it on the itinerary soon.

  2. Jim Masur says:

    I love the pic and am such a rookie I could not understand all the things you did but it looks fantastic.

  3. Can;t tell how many times I’ve used the technique in the video link – thanks for sharing that bud! Really like the shadows on the arches! Good stuff!

  4. Awesome! Love the arches in this shot. Great image.

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