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100 Seconds To Hana

If you have ever taken the road to Hana (a quiet little town on the eastern shores of Maui) you know that the drive is a long one. I think it’s like 152,000 turns or something crazy like that…well, maybe not that many, but it will require a courageous and dedicated soul to get there. If you haven’t been on the road, I thought I would share a condensed version of the drive. I mounted my GoPro, put it in time lapse mode and shot the full 3 hour drive. Yup, here’s the entire drive from Paia to the red sand beach of Hana Bay.

Music Note: My buddy Jett Pink wrote the music used in this movie. You might remember him from his days starring in the reality TV show Flipping Out. You can get his entire album (plus a free version) on his site (click here to get some great music). The entire album is only $7.00!!!

Here is a photo I shot of him while I was out in LA working on this story. (click here)

Jett Pink

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  1. Cool video Justin. Looks like an awesome drive. Hawaii is one state that I have never visited. Hope to get there next year.

  2. Nice idea. When we drove that road last month, it poured with rain for the first two hours (or 66 seconds depending upon your perspective).

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