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Big Blue Ship

Fun New Contest

Howdy! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Yeah, I know…it’s not the most creative name for this image. But what else would you call it? If you have a fun an unique idea for a title, leave it as a comment below. My favorite title wins something random from the studio.

Today’s Image

If you have ever been on a cruise, or visited a port where cruise ships dock, you know it’s like a showroom of massive ships. There are all sorts of beautiful vessels to photograph…that didn’t sound right. I had my choice of ones to photograph here in Skagway, AK. I’m pretty sure it was European.

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  1. C Vandenberg says:

    That particular ship belongs to Holland America.

  2. Scott Starks says:

    Title suggestions:

    Into the Big Blue
    Departing for Adventure
    Clouds to Port and Starboard

  3. Howdy Scott, you won with Into the Big Blue. Email me your shipping address and I’ll send you a book. Thanks for playing everyone!

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