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Camera+ For iPad Tutorial

Camera+ is now available on the iPad, and it is AWESOME! Learn what you need to know in this quick tutorial. Click to download the original to follow along!

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  1. Justin,
    Nice review. I just got the app and I really like the history part of it. Is there any way to save what you do into a recipe for other images? I will have to check for that. Of course I think you picked a great image to edit. What a great year for that vehicle. Fashion is a very representative filter for the Cadillac. When that vehicle was on the road that was a Fashion statement, especially in the D.

    • Thanks Mike! It’s a great app. I love it for the iPhone and iPad…both are great at what they do. That caddy if for sale? The woman selling it is asking 12,500….it seems in pretty good shape?

  2. Oh I haven’t used Camera+ in a while. That’s pretty cool with the brushing!

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