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Super Cool Security Guard

Karl, the security guard pictured here, kicked me out of the LDS Conference Center. Well, it was more like he asked me to leave because it was closing…but you get the idea. We chatted on the way down the stairs and he shared some pretty cool stories with me and I told him about HDR photogrpahy. On my way out I asked if he wouldn’t mind posing for a quick photo for me. My photo really needed some scale. He not only obliged, he stood still for all 9 brackets which took about 2 minutes. Yep, cool dude!

Photographer’s Note: This is a 9 bracket HDR image. After tone-mapping it in Photomatix, I corrected the sky with a middle bracket. Then I applied Nik’s Dark Contrast, Glamour Glow, and Brilliance Warmth (only saturating warm colors). Finally, once we were back in Lightroom 4, I added some Vignette.

24 Hours of Photoshop

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting at the first annual 24 Hours of Photoshop (register here). The event is pretty slick. You can watch the live presentation (all 24hrs of it) live for free. If you can’t watch the entire event, you can purchase the whole thing for only $199. I’m not sure when I will be presenting, but I’ll be sure to let you know. If you just want to go ahead and get the entire workshop now, you can purchase it here…

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  1. Terrific composition and processing Justin. It just proves that if you are nice to people (yes, security guards are people), they will be accommodating back.

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