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Mysteries Of Alaska

The waters of glacier bay are still, only moving when the glaciers calve. A calving glacier is violent spectacle, tons of ice break off its face and crash into the water below. Waves are sent out in all directions announcing this event. Shortly after, the clam returns and all that remains of the massive pieces of ice are these little reminders. As they float further away from the glacier, they slowly melt removing any trace the event ever happened.

Have you ever witnessed a glacier calve?

Photographer’s Note: This is a single image brought to life with Lightroom 4.

Inspiring New Photography Magazine

The good folks over at Craft & Vision have just published their first issue of Photograph. I could go into detail about it ,but I’ll keep it short…outside of going to watch a sunset or playing fetch with a puppy, this is the cheapest dose of inspiration you can buy. For only $8 (or $24 for the year) you can refill your creative batteries on a quarterly basis.

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  1. You’ve really captured the ruggedness of Alaska Justin. And yes, I have witnessed calving. Quite dramatic.

  2. Very nice! Alaska is on my list of places to visit and photograph. Thanks for sharing!

    • No sweat Doc! We visited via and Alaska cruise and if you keep your eyes out, you can find some pretty reasonable deals. This photo was taken from the bow of the ship.

  3. A simply extraordinary image Justin. Love it!

  4. Gorgeous landscape. Can’t wait to see more.

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