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Red House

School House Cherry Creek Nevada

So I shot this photo in a small ghost town called Cherry Creek, NV. When I made the photograph, I’m not sure why I was drawn to it. I set it center stage and put a lot of sky above it. I guess I wanted to emphasize its story of abandonment. Who knows? I just jumped out of the car, framed it as I saw fit and turned the shutter over. When I got home to process it, I was rockin’ some Jimi Hendrix on the old iTunes..Red House to be exact…and it came to me! The reason I tell you this story is that in contemporary photography, the influences you bring to the darkroom will have just as much impact on your image as the moment you photographed it. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

Speaking of Music, I’ll have a cool new band for you to check out tomorrow so check back!

Photographer’s Note:

Here is the image as I applied 3 simple styling filters form the onOneSoftware Photo Suite. The digital darkroom is a fun place to hangout!

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  1. I really think that your mood along with your influences really impacts how images are processed. I really love the treatment you applied here Justin.

  2. Hey Justin… really like the look of this one. I’ve got perfect effects 3 but I need to look into getting the suite. Very nice stuff!

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