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Shorter Days

Playa Del Carmen Sunset

Howdy! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I made some solid headway on my next book. I’ll have more information about it in the next week or so. This week we have a little something for everyone…landscapes, wildlife, people…. As you well know, I try my best to keep things fresh for you. I know your time is valuable so I do my best to make your daily stop here unique and beautiful. That being said, today’s photo is for my wife. She is a summer gal and the shortening days really take their toll on us. It’s nothing a little Caribbean Sunset can’t cure though. This one’s for you!

Speaking of sunsets, did you know that I categorize all my posts? If you are looking for other sunset photos you can either select ‘Sunsets’ from the category drop-down on the right or you can click the ‘Sunset’ category below. Feel free to use other categories to explore all sorts of different images.

Today’s Photo

This is a sunset looking east from Playa Del Carmen. The skies were spectacular those few of days before Hurricane Emily arrived. Thankfully the hurricane passed without doing much damage.

Photographer’s Notes
This image was a single exposure processed solely in Lightroom 4. If you are wanting to get something more out of your sunsets, I’d suggest your try and experiment with the ‘Hue’ controls in the ‘HSL’ panel of Lightroom 4. You can have some serious fun there!

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  1. That is a wonderful image Justin. Great sky. Wish I was there right now.

  2. Awesome. I love the hue controls!

  3. Quite a stunner there Justin. Love it.

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