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There Can Be Only One

The title seemed fitting for the tree, but it also seemed like a filming location for ‘Highlander‘. I found this image last night when I was processing yesterday’s photo. It too was from Alaska, and had been sitting on my hard drive of the last couple of years. I have over 50,000 images sitting there waiting to be shared. There are a couple reasons why I hold off on certain images, one of them being technology. We all know technology will improve, much like Lightroom 4 did, and when I feel it’s ready I test a few images from the ‘on deck circle’. If I like it, cool…if not, back to the hard drive it goes. I ended up digging this one. It was a simple single exposure brought to life in Lightroom 4.

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  1. Really like the details in the foreground and the layering of the mountains Justin. I hold back for the same reasons plus my skills in processing hopefully gets better.

  2. Interesting process Justin, but as long as it produces images like this one, how could you argue it? Really nice composition and the title fits well!

  3. You hooked me in. So what did you do in post and what is it, specifically, about LR4 that you did and can do, that you were not able to do in previous Lightroom versions.

    • How Val!

      Right off the bat, the math in Lightroom 4 is waaaay better. It really is a significant upgrade. As far as features go…here are a couple of them that I use. The brush tool has a white balance adjustment which helps with blending multiple light sources. The shadows slider is amazing a bringing out detail withing the shadows. The clarity slider is much improved. The exposure slider works on more than just the highlights…I think that’s new? Anyway, those are the things that make it worth the upgrade. Hope that helps Val…

      Thanks for stopping by and reaching out. Have a great day!

    • Oh yeah…the highlight recover math is pretty darn awesome!

  4. Stunning image Justin, and I am so glad that you detailed that it was a single image. In a world where people tone map for the sake of tone mapping, amazing images like this prove the point that it isn’t always needed.

    I couldn’t agree more about the jump from LR3 to LR4, the tools have gotten so much better that it almost feels like there is a lost version out there somewhere that would bridge that gap.

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