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Travel Sins

I’m sure I’ve committed other travel sins, but there are two I know of. One, I didn’t drink wine in Bordeaux, France. Two, I didn’t have a slice of pie here at Austin’s Home Slice Pizza. Have your ever committed a travel sin? If so, what was it?

Photographer’s Note This is a 9 image HDR generated via Exposure Fusion. Following the HDR creation I did a simple global curves adjustment and de saturation. I’ve found that Exposure Fusion works better for night scenes.

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  1. you will have to come back and visit b/c the pizza here is HIGH SPEED!

  2. Oh I hear Austin is a “foodie” paradise. I think I need to visit!

  3. Wow, sins indeed. While in Portugal we twice made plans to go to Sintra, but both times were too exhausted and slept until noon. Yikes!

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