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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I tell you what, this lion had one heck of a view. Getting to watch the sunset over the Great Salt Lake every night would be quite a treat!

Book Club

I will have the final details for you on Monday when the Book Club officially launches, but for now I would like to thank our sponsors who believe that investing in creativity is a good idea. They came through huge!!!

Think Tank Bags

Every week we will be giving away a ThinkTank card organizer and at the end of the event, ThinkTank will be giving away a free Retrospective 5 to one lucky reader.

Nik Software

Nik Software will be giving away one of their individual products every week, and then the big daddy…at the end Nik will be giving one lucky reader the entire ‘Complete Collection’.

Craft & Vision

Craft & Vision is going to be giving away free books every week, and at the end of the club one lucky reader will get their entire collection.

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  1. Gorgeous light and composition Justin

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